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Leather Bracelet & Phone Charger

  • $16.95 USD
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  • 1. Feature: Bracelet design, can easily wear it on your wrist, convenient to carry. A very good looking bracelet, fits with any outfit or everyday wear.

  • 2. Durable: Firm welding. It has been detected by more than 3000 times anti-sway test. Soft line, abrasion-resistance, bend-resistance with long durability.

  • 3. Made of TPE material (Environmentally Friendly), with great skin feel when bracelet on your wrist. 


►Let you have a Charging Cable + a Transmission Line + a Classic Leather Bracelet at the meantime, 2-3 times life length, 6-9 times value and benefits for you. 

►Exquisite, practical, portable and easy storage, let you away from clutter, make your life light, simple and fun! 

►Convenient on every occasion! Easy to wear and use when you indoor and outdoor, even traveling, driving and doing sports. Let your devices have power all the time! 

►Beautiful and comfortable to wear, if you like it purchase before we go out of stock & while the discount lasts! 

Warm Tips: 

1. The bracelet is gender neutral and best recommended for ages 12+
2. All bracelet cables are waterproof, in order to be safe and extend its useful life. please do not wear it when swimming and bathing. 
3. It fit most compatible phone cases, however, the thicker casing may need to be taken off.