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From the makers of the popular Elfie Drone we now have the Baby Elfie.

Take AMAZING quality HD videos from mid-air with the Baby Elfie. Small enough to carry in your pocket and powerful enough to perform mid-flight 360 flips.

Its foldable design makes it truly compact and comes with a sweet carry case!
This is the BEST QUALITY portable foldable drone you will find! Watch your flight in realtime with FPV WiFi view straight on your smartphone.
Feel the speed as you fly over cityscapes and landscapes with amazing control.
The Baby Elfie also features altitude hold mode meaning you get easier flying and more stable video footage.
G-Sensor control allows you to use your smartphone's G-Sensor to control the drone by tilting your device.
Impact resistant flexible propeller blades protect the Baby Elfie from damage and reduce the need to buy new blades.